Monday, January 10

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

It seems impossible that aside from the London's New Year 2011 post, I've been away from Sat's Child for 4 1/2 months!

Lest you think I was stretched out on the sofa in front of the telly 24/7, stuffing myself with junk food, here's the Short List of what happened during that time:
  • Shortly after uploading the photo tour of Davenport OK, my car broke down on the interstate and had to have major surgery (a new transmission).
  • While the car was out of commission, I packed up my treasured flat "in the trees" in KS to move to Oklahoma where I...
  • ...became the live-in Granny Nanny (also cook, laundress and dishwasher) for Son and Family.
  • After getting the last of my things from storage in KS, we returned to a nearly-empty house (robbed!).
  • My non-driving Dau-in-Law landed a night-shift job in a town 28 miles away, so I then became Taxi Mom (28 miles X4 every night and pre-dawn for several weeks - exhausting!).
  • D-i-L was promoted, which required living much closer to her job, so we found a (seemingly) "perfect" rental house in that town and we all moved.
  • During the packing up, my laptop was dropped in shutting-down mode, requiring an expensive 2-day trip to the Computer Hospital for a new hard drive.
  • That house turned out to be a drafty, utilities nightmare so...
  • ...we moved again 2 weeks later.
  • At the new house, thanks to an inept AT&T rep, we were (mostly) without internet access for 10 days. (NetZero dial-up "high speed" internet is a JOKE...a total waste of time to TRY to get anywhere online.)
So now you know. Keeping my fingers crossed 2011 will be much calmer and less eventful than the last few months of 2010...

How London Rang In 2011

Davenport OK on Route 66

Robbed! Pros and Cons

Have a great day!
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pinkpackrat said...

Good to see you back:-) Happy New Year

Mavis said...

Good to see you posting. Hopefully, 2011 will be better.

JamaGenie said...

It's good to be back. Now that Real Life has stabilized, I hope get back to blogging a a regular basis and visiting old friends in Blogland!

Dorene from Ohio said...

It is nice to see back! I am a live-in
"Granny Nanny" of sorts myself...long story!

ScrappinAnn said...

Wow, you did have quite the time of it end of the year.
I sure hope that 2011 brings lots of great things for you.
Getting back to normal and up to par is hard so hang in there!

I am offering you the Ancestor Approved Award. I hope you will accept it.
I love that people who enjoy diggging in their family history are also in to crafts. So much to do and so little time!
Read about and get the award at my blog
Thanks and happy new year!

Wendy R said...

Wonderful to see you back. You are truly superwoman to survive all this. The site is looking lovely.

Free Genealogy Guide said...

It looks to me like you just returned from reality. It doesn't get much more real than being without a car, a home and a computer, being robbed, moving (even once is an ordeal, let alone twice), and fighting with utilities companies. Congratulations on surviving all that. Strife your life is supposed to make you a better blogger.

ASeaRogue said...

If it helps any I know what you have been through. I been there and it ant fun. But I also think I know you well enough to know that you are one of the ones that when the going gets tough..... Any way it's great to have you back and I really liked the fireworks,

JamaGenie said...

Great to see you too, Dan! Life turned upside down one more time at the end of January, but I turned THAT lemon into lemonade too. Frankly, I'd prefer a long spell of sittin' in a rocker on the front porch drinkin' lemonade and leave the making it to someone else! ;D