Saturday, March 3

Flea Market * Saturday - It's March Already!

Brits transplanted to the U.S. pining for the delicate English or Welsh lamb, pine no more! Even Americans who've never been abroad can find out for themselves why Brits talk about lamb with a certain reverence. Soaking tough, gamey American lamb in a brine solution transforms it into a sweet, succulent facsimile of the young, tender lamb Brits remember so well.

Let the lamb sit for at least 30 minutes or up to 4 hours in the refrigerator for the best results. Go to SheKnows for Lamb Brine Marinade recipe and detailed instructions.

While we're on the subject of Brit disdain for certain foodstuffs in the U.S., there's a scene in the Joan Hickson version of At Bertram's Hotel in which Jane Marple and her friend Selena Hazy are poo-pooing American muffins during afternoon tea in the hotel lobby. The waiter appears and inquires if they'd care for seed cake, to which Miss Marple replies, "Real seed cake?".

(Above pic of "Lady Selena Hazy" from "Tea with Miss Marple" at The Aesthete Cooks)

So what is "real" seed cake? Seed cake goes way back in British history but was very poular in Victorian times and would've been a staple in cookbooks of the time. See recipes at The Aesthete Cooks and Marie Rayner's blog The English Kitchen. Enjoy!

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