Wednesday, July 13

Wordless Wednesday: Say What?

Apparently this stone carver's skills didn't include spelling,
punctuation OR working out the spacing on paper first!

It reads (and I quote):
joseph M. Buch.
anan .was Born.
was killed BY
Mrach.the.5 1864
service of. the
as.a Recruiting

Many thanks to Fastalkr for sharing
this fine example of how NOT to carve a tombstone
at Panoramio - Photo of Civil War Tombstone

Have a great day!

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Nancy said...

Perhaps the carver was an illiterate apprentice? Without standardized spelling words varied, but I'd say this is a problem other than spelling. I wonder what this man's descendants think of this grave marker. It made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing it.

JamaGenie said...

Nancy, it occurred to me too that the carver may have been an illiterate apprentice, but can't imagine the soldier's family OR his descendants were/are thrilled with this stone. Unless the carver WAS a family member. Then the monument may be considered a family heirloom!