Thursday, August 26

ThursdayDrive: Davenport OK on Route 66

Sign next to the Early Bird Cafe on the curve of
historic Route 66 when approaching from Chandler OK.
(Photo snapped by JamaGenie on Wed, 25 Aug 2010.)

At the far right is a glimpse of Dan's Bar-B-Que Pit.

(Photo from Day 3 of Jamie Bradburn's vacation.)
Jamie is JB of JB's Warehouse & Curio Emporium

The street in front of Dan's is Broadway, Davenport's main street.
The draw for tourists is supposed to be the bricks made locally
until 1930 with which the street is paved. But having visited
Downtown Davenport several times, the murals on the
sides of buildings depicting the town's history

are the only reason to take a detour down Broadway.

While you're there, be sure to pull into the parking
lot of the Post Office and read about Nellie Davenport,
the first postmistress after whom the town was named.

But back to the real center of town...

The Early Bird Cafe is in the restored 1933 Texaco
gas station depicted in the Welcome to Davenport sign.
My Uncle Melvin's green Studebaker, btw, was a 4-door, but
otherwise identical to the one parked under the canopy!
(Photo from Route 66: The Neons & Signs!

Back on 66 heading north out of town toward Stroud,
on the left is the oddly named Gar Wooly's Food & Fun.
(Photo from Route 66: The Neons & Signs!

According to
"Gar Wooly's features some of the best chicken fried steak
along historic Route 66. This restaurant, also known for its
tasty Indian tacos, features a dance floor and an ice cream bar.
Come to Gar Wooly's for local color, Route 66 nostalgia and
homestyle food reminiscent of an old soda fountain.

But if you go back to Chandler instead...

...keep your eyes peeled for the only two
Burma Shave signs that aren't in a
museum or someone's basement rec room.

They're on the right side, about 2 miles west
of Davenport, but unless you're old enough to
remember the Burma Shave ditties, you'll
probably miss them. If you are old enough,
they'll be a fond reminder of one of
the few forms of entertainment for
children on long car trips in the
days before onboard DVD players.

Davenport OK's website

Route 66 murals in downtown Davenport

Dan's Bar-B-Que Pit

JB's Warehouse & Curio Emporium

Where are the Burma Shave signs?
(Ignore the claim that none exist on today's highways.)

Have a great day!

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Margaret Cloud said...

This is a very nice post. I posted a while back about Route 66 and Burma Shave. It was fun looking up all the info on both these stories. Have a nice week.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love these photos. Neat post.

Wendy R said...

Travelled the journey alongside you. Why do certain roads have such resonance?