Monday, June 14

Kathryn Whites Wear Many Hats

Marché aux Fleurs by artist Kathryn White

I first became smitten with artist Kathryn White's work after seeing her Scarlet Peony (left) at Maggie's Secret Garden.

Wanting to know more about Ms. White, naturally I googled her, but was disappointed that her one-page website only shows thumbnails of three paintings and an email address.

Nothing about the artist herself.

I could find no other site with information about her, only sites that sell prints of her work in various sizes and price range.

Why the mystery?

Doesn't knowing a little bit about the artist make you
more inclined to buy his/her work? It does me.

Turns out there are many Kathryn Whites
who are notable for one reason or another.
The following are only two of them.

According to her page at The Renaissance Gallery, Kathryn White, Folk Artist
"creates her wonderful, quirky folk art people from gourds, mica, handmade paper and other found objects"
which are inspired by living near the sea as a child. She now lives in Tuscaloosa AL and is a teacher at one of its schools.

The fellow at right is called "Shopping At The Bizarre", and can be purchased through the Renaissance Gallery link above.

But he's only one of Kathryn's creations, which are mostly happy, "snappy" and not so forlorn.

Kathryn White, Author writes books for children 3-8 years old at her home in Bristol, Somerset for Little Tiger Press.

That is, when she isn't visiting primary schools all over the UK organizing creative writing classes, or on holiday in places like Venice.

"Click Clack, Crocodile's Back" is her latest book, with wonderful illustrations by Joelle Dreidemy.

Read lots more about this Kathryn here and at her website.

Have a great day!

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LondonGirl said...

I can see why you like her work - that's a very interesting painting at the top.

Perhaps you should email her, through her site?