Sunday, March 7

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A recap of posts from the past week...

Monday Madness: Memorial Card Mystery

In a box of old family photos, I came across Celeste M. CUPP's memorial card. Again.

Her true identity had escaped me for 20 years or more. Early on I'd determined Cupp was not her maiden name, but who was she??? Why had the card been sent to my mother in the first place??....

Tombstone Tuesday: Arthur Cupp

Obviously this is not a tombstone, and normally I consider photos of the remains of a Recently Departed to be, at the very least, in poor taste.

However, I've always been fascinated by the composition of this particular photo....

Wordless Wednesday: Dillo Dilemma

While 'dillos are native to Texas, these days it's not unusual to find
them farther north, even in southern Kansas. I didn't see any
of the odd little critters on my trips to OK, but my son sees
them frequently. Here are only two of the pix he sent.
(Yes, the soil really is that red, from the iron content.)

Thursday Drive: Oil In The Family

Going to or coming from Guthrie on I-35, one can't help but notice Oklahoma is oil country.

"Nodding donkeys" and storage tanks dot the landscape as far as the eye can see, bringing to mind the scene in Urban Cowboy where Houston rich chick Pam tells John Travolta's character: "My daddy's in oil - and all that that implies...".

Well, not only was my daddy "in oil", so were both of his brothers....

Postcard Friendship Friday:
Family Outing, Morro Bay CA, 1936

The back says
"5 generations - Morro Bay, Aug 1936"
but it's not a true 5-gens.

Find out why and whose family it is here.

Sarah Jessica & the Salem Witch Trials

When I settled in to watch the first episode of NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?", I truly expected to be underwhelmed. How could NBC and possibly come up with a celebrity family history format better than PBS's "Faces of America" hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.?....

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