Friday, March 5

PFF: Morro Bay Outing

Before there were tailgates...

Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Co, California
August, 1936

The lady at left is my gr-grandmother Sarah "Sallie" CUPP, 86.
Standing is her granddaughter, Clara "Etta" (Cupp) Tiete, 40.
The little girl is Etta's granddaughter, Dora Fay Wickham, 3 1/2.

At the time this was taken, Dora's parents lived in San Luis
Obispo County, Etta in Fresno, and Grandma Sallie in Galt
near Sacramento. So this wasn't so much as "outing" as a
gathering of generations while Sallie could still travel.

In fact, the back of the next photo (same day, Morro Bay)
calls it a "5-generation pic", but not in the usual way...

(l-r, adults) Etta's dau Velma Fay (Brown) Wickham
holding 14-mo-old son Edwin William Wickham;
"Grandma Sallie"; Etta; Sallie's dau Josie (Cupp) Morris.
In front of Velma is her other son, Arthur Stephen
Wickham, 5 1/2, and at his left is little Dora.

Were this a true 5-gen pic, it would include Etta's dad,
Albert Isaac "Bert" Cupp, or her mother, Jennie May
(Morris) Cupp-Brown. But Jennie had died in 1915,
and Etta had little contact with her father, so
his sister Josie represented their generation.

Apologies for the quality of the photos.
Both originals were severely under-exposed.

Happy PFF!

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Elise said...

what stories those pictures tell ! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Have a lovely weekend

Postcardy said...

Great family photos. I especially like photos with people posing by their old car.

Linda said...

How lucky you are to have these pictures of family, and to know the story behind it. San Luis Obispo is one of my favorite places in the world. Happy PFF!

Nora Johnson said...

Happy PFF, Jamagenie!

btw included especially for YOU in current post over at my place the Divine Daniel! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend,


viridian said...

Gosh, we are glad you ae back again! Happy PFF.

Anonymous said...

These photos are truly amazing. I adore old photographs like these.

CJ xx

Beth Niquette said...

Thank you for sharing these marvelous old postcards--I think it is wonderful they used to take pictures in postcard format.

I really enjoyed these. Happy PFF!

MuseSwings said...

Very nice! We can't seem to get even one generation together for a picture these days!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Wonderful photos to have, whatever the quality. To have five generations in one picture is quite something!

dandelionlady said...

I inherited a lot of photos from my father's side and I was so surprised when I saw that some of them were made into postcards! It's so neat to see my ancestors and it was great hearing about yours.

Happy PFF!

Mary said...

I love old family photos like this. I can't even imagine how fabulous Morro Bay must have been back then, before so many people and development.