Wednesday, January 27

Perils of a Newborn

Being 3 weeks old isn't so bad.
I sleep whenever and wherever I want,
get fed when I'm hungry...

..and I have plenty of time to practice
being the next Gerber Baby.

But I do wish I could burp myself... Gramma would stop taking pics like this one!

FYI, Gramma, I may not understand what "blackmail"
and "high school" have to do with each other, but it
can't be good if you giggle when you say it... I sure hope y'all lose this pic before
I'm old enough to date. I look like E.T.
trying to remember how to call home.

PeeWee the Puppy says:
"Yeah, yeah...WHATever.
Having a baby in the house SUCKS!"

Have a great day!

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pinkpackrat said...

oooh he is adorable and I love Gramma's comments too:-)

Greta Koehl said...

Absolutely hilarious - love when funny/precious photos are accompanied by witty comments. A classic!


so so precious!!! and beautiful - love the photos - and the script!!! thanks so much for sharing such a little wonder!!!

Frieda Babbley said...

So absolutely gorgeous. Those feet! I'd be taking millions of photos too. Oh, makes me want to hug and cuddle and sniff. Oh you're so lucky.

Margaret Cloud said...

What a cutie he is and he looks very alert. Don't worry this is just the beginning of your picture being taken. Have a nice weekend.