Monday, November 2

Tea Things Tuesday: Abbey Tea Rooms

Abbey Tea Rooms
Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Instead of photographing the many lovely teapots and tea things
I was thrilled to find recently at a thrift shop Half Price Day,
I've chased the dust bunnies off the boxes of photos and
mementos from my first trip to England in June 2003.

Glastonbury was toward the end of the two-week journey,
and as I was only to be there two days, tea shops
were not my #1 priority. That distinction went to
visiting the Abbey, the Tor and the Chalice Well.

This photo was taken from the car park across the
street, next to the gate into Glastonbury Abbey,
while waiting for a bus to the foot of the Tor.

The pinkish building at far left is a charity (thrift) shop,
also not a priority then, as my rollaboard was already full
to bursting with souvenirs and guide books. Out of camera
at right is the Market House Inn, a small hotel-eatery.

The following were shamelessly borrowed
from the Abbey Tea Rooms' website
(quite a treat and definitely worth a visit).

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Happy Tea Time!

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Vicki said...

Hello, Jama,
Lucky you to get to visit England! I loved seeing the picturesque village and lovely tea room! Happy Tea Things Tuesday to you! Vicki

Nina P. said...

Tea for two and two for tea. Lovely photo's. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and enjoyed the walk down memory lane. I sure glad you did... Love and Light, Nina P

andsewon said...

Oh I want to go soo bad!
We had a trip planned many years back but had to cancel it. Now looks like will not happen.:-(
I am sure you enjoyed it so much.
Now if you return you will know the new places you do not want to miss...;-)
Thanks for this post I loved it!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Looks like so much fun. Beautiful tea room!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a lovely tea room. I always enjoy visiting tea rooms when we travel. Thanks for sharing.


Mary said...

Oh, it would be a dream come true to visit a tea room in England...lucky you! The scones and jam looks so yummy...what a wonderful treat!

Happy TTT!


ellen b said...

I love traveling to England. I haven't been to England since I started blogging and I really think my photos would take on a whole new spin if I ever am blessed to go back. Love this street scene you captured with the tea room. I enjoyed visiting Charity shops while in England, too. I'm intrigued with what you purchased at the 1/2 off sale you went to. :0)

Shabby Kim said...

My dream is to someday travel to England and visit several quaint little tea rooms such as this one, not to mention a few castles, Buckingham Palace, etc.. I'd rather do that than visit a tropical island if you can believe it. Those scones in the last photo looks scrumptious. Now I'm hungry!!

LondonGirl said...

Glastonbury is an odd but wonderful place - knee deep in cranks and weirdos, but the ruins of the Abbey are quite exceptionally wonderful.

Did you go to Wells while you were local?

JamaGenie said...

Yes, the ruins of the Abbey *are* quite wonderful. As for Wells, only passed through, unfortunately.