Tuesday, October 27

Tombstone Tuesday: Carrie Update

Carrie Frances KIENE
Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka KS

It's been a month since I posted "Who Dresses Carrie?".

One cold, wet day last week, my friend Lisa and I were curious
to see if Carrie's secret dresser had changed her clothes yet.

Alas, she was in the same summer-weight
sweater and straw hat as before.

However, a photo of Carrie is at the very end of Mount Hope's
current commercial, in that sweater and hat but holding pink
flowers, not the blue ones here and in last month's post.

Perhaps the Mystery Dresser defies detection
by making the changes one item at a time?

Just a thought.

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pinkpackrat said...

I hope the mystery dresser puts some warm clothes on Carried before the snow falls-- keep an eye out, will you?


oh, i was going to say the same thing as pinkpackrat! and volunteer to send some if carrie's caretaker doesn't make the switch soon! such a beautiful story!

JamaGenie said...

I plan to make regular trips past Carrie's stone now, and any suggestions as to how to cover that poor child's feet will be appreciated! The one foot is easy, but the other that's part of the base is the head scratcher!

Frieda Babbley said...

How very curious. I was wondering about her. Bill had sent us an old book from his shelves, "The Tailgate Cookbook" from 1970. Anyway, Bill's exchanges always remind me of Topeka because he always talks about it. That in turn makes me think of some of your posts, and of course this mystery. One at a time, hmmm. Very curious.