Friday, November 13

PFF: Windsor High Street

High Street, Windsor, Berkshire
[Per back of postcard, photo by Veryan Trewin]

The blue building at left is Woods of Windsor, which sells
fabulous bath and beauty products. Prior to this trip,
I'd received a WoW lavender soap (in its own tin),
so the store definitely had to be on the itinerary.

But castle touring and shopping wears a girl out...

I was in need of a sit down, so I toddled over to a bench
under the arches of the portico of the building at right,
Windsor Guildhall. Having no idea, of course,
that years later the Guildhall would be the scene
of the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla.

I've left the odd building in the middle for last.
That's the Crooked House, and it really does lean
to the left, the result of being built with unseasoned oak.
Like Drury House in the street behind it, it had a tunnel
(now blocked) to the castle that was used to provision
the castle's kitchens. That part I believe, but not
that it was used by Nell Gwynn to slip into the
castle to tryst with King Charles II. Hello...
The girl had a tunnel from her own basement!

Anyway, Crooked House must be structurally sound,
as it's been like that for several hundred years now,
and houses a popular restaurant and tea room.
Where, in hindsight, I should've had Afternoon
Tea instead of Dreary...uh, Drury House!

More about these Windsor treasures at:
Woods of Windsor
The Crooked House of Windsor
Windsor Guildhall

Happy PFF!

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AnitaNH said...

I love that Crooked House, and also the beautiful display windows on Woods of Windsor.

Happy PFF and thanks for visiting!

Christine said...

Love that crooked house. I'm glad it's stable enough to stick around.

Snap said...

Wonderful card. The crooked house is fun and the Woods of Windsor -- well I can imagine what it must smell like inside when you open the door. !! Grand!

Sherrie said...

Awesome postcard!! Love the thought of a crooked house that stands for that many years! Have a great day!



what a treat! like everyone else, love the crooked house! but what a wonderfully quaint postcard! thanks for sharing!

Sheila said...

It must be 20 years ago since I was last in that very shop. I remember the shop, but I can't for the life of me remember why I was in Windsor.

viridian said...

Lovely card, and happy PFF!

Postcardy said...

The crooked house is fascinating.

gaelikaa said...

Picture postcard England! Wonderful!