Thursday, September 10

Thursday Drive: Wonder of Wonders... name was drawn and I've won a signed print!

Final Resting Place
Plymouth, England ~ 2008
by Mark Ridley of
Highton-Ridley fine art photography

I had a choice of several monochrome prints, but chose "Final Resting Place" for the following reasons:
~ the composition
~ Plymouth's connection to the Mayflower
~ an ancestor was a chandler in Plymouth in the 1800s
~ a different line of ancestors were ship builders and outfitters
~ what genealogist can resist anything titled "final resting place"?

See more of Mark's work at Highton-Ridley fine art photography.

Have a great day!

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pinkpackrat said...

fabulous-- love the print and the post

Cal said...

Stunning photo Jama and thanks for sharing it and the link. Without knowing it you are planning some lovely trips for me. Have already arranged Spitalfields with my son and I only live half and hour from Plymouth so will be searching out galleries looking for these wonderful pics. Hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend. x

Calimyrna Moon said...

I was entranced not only by the photograph you won (how lucky you are!) but by what you wrote. Seems like it was taken and titled especially for you, doesn't it? Thanks very much for your story and the link to Mark Ridley, an amazingly talented photographer.