Friday, September 18

PFF: Muddy Creek Forks

Historic Village at Muddy Creek Forks,
Airville, York County, Pennsylvania

The railroad tracks in front of the roller mill belong to the
Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society,
affectionately known as the Ma & Pa Railroad
(after the abbreviations for those states).

Note to any CORNWELL cousins who drop in:
~ ~ This is not "our" Muddy Creek, PA. ~ ~

Our Cornwells were from Muddy Creek, Greene Co,
near Khedive, which is near Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co.

Thought I'd better clarify that before you print umpteen
copies of the photo for your scrapbooks and such.

Happy PFF!

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Marie's Postcard Friendship Friday


Bob of Holland said...

Looks like a beautiful village. Nice, cozy detail that the railroad is called the Ma & Pa Railroad. Thanks for sharing this at PFF.

MrCachet said...

I like real photo cards that are of buildings, or images of old buildings. This is no exception. Is the roller mill still operating? Our old buildings are much younger than your old buildings and we have ghost towns here as well as homestead structures that although were standing when I was a youngster, they are now leaning far to the East and sooner or later will be flat and no longer visible as part of the landscape.

Postcardy said...

That's a cute nickname for the railroad.

Snap said...

I really like the postcards that having something to do with trains. So interesting. Great name for the railroad!

Sheila said...

I love the name of the railroad! I also like industrial history, very interesting.

Irene said...

great postcard, love the Ma& Pa railway.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Compared to our Quebec railway stations these are tall and thin. Ours traditional stations were one level and wide and thin.
Evelyn in Montreal

Robin said...

I love old postcards like makes me want to go on a weekend drive to far away towns. We will be doing that very soon as the trees start to turn.

Have a beautiful weekend

Margaret Cloud said...

I like to read about places in history, this picture is very pretty, I to like the name of this place. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Blogaire said...

I just love the name Muddy Creek Forks!

Marie Reed said...

I am also a fun of the name Muddy Creek forks! It makes me think of making mud pies as a kid. mm mmmmm good!