Wednesday, August 5

Wordless Wednesday: Computers!

This was moi Monday evening...

...and on Tuesday after determining
my computer had lost half its mind.

The good news is it isn't a virus. The bad news is I have to reinstall XP, but first everything I want to keep has to be removed to a safe place.

The CD burner is machina non grata (as is the printer, scanner, and sound card), so I've been emailing myself files, photos, and documents. Hundreds of them. Some I have in hard copy, but some I don't. Easier to transfer the lot.

Yes, it's a possibility I'll have to get a new(er) computer. This one has been a real workhorse for years, but I won't cry if it has to be put out to pasture.

Have a great day!

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LondonGirl said...

You poor sod. Nothing in the world can reduce a person to a screaming heap of gibbering wreck like a computer can.

Anonymous said...

The second picture is so me LOL!

stan said...

She looks like she is spending too much time on the computer! :)

Nora Johnson said...

Picture #2 was me a few weeks ago!

Good news got new computer. Bad news took hours to transfer files (contacts, emails, photos, favorites etc etc)!

Good luck!


Dustjacket Attic said...

Yes it's amazing who computor trouble can totally transform our days and our personalities ;)

Good luck.