Wednesday, July 22

Wordless Wednesday: We Are NOT Amused!

This is not the puppy I asked for!

My Aunt Edna doesn't seem at all pleased with sister Kathryn, the newest
addition to the family, but they would become fast friends later on.

No doubt brother Bob was hoping for a baby brother. He'd learn to
make do with five sisters (two more would arrive after Kathryn.)

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Dustjacket attic said...

Heck, if looks could kill.

Bob is looking totally over the whole thing, lucky he didn't know all the others were coming.


Lemondrop Marie said...

Having little brothers of my own, I so understand the glare. Ick! :)

stan said...

yeah...funny how life's twists and turns make us discover more of the better side of ourselves too!

JamaGenie said...

Dustjacket, seems fitting that Bob and his wife had two sons, but when they were nearly grown and about to leave home, along came a "surprise" child - a daughter.

Marie, I understand the sentiment perfectly! There are photos of me doing "the glare" to my own little brother.

Stan, sometimes...sometimes not. :-)

Duchess of Tea said...

This reminds me of my children, if it wasn't for my watchful eye, one of them would have ended up on death row!! Darling, I have missed you. Have yourself a lovely weekend.
Duchess xx