Wednesday, July 1

Wordless Wednesday: Hilda Does Denver

Hilda Johnson and friends about to embark on a Denver Omnibus & Cab Company tour of the city from the Brown Palace Hotel. Hilda (in light coat, standing) was the eldest sister of Selma (Johnson) Ward.

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Grampy said...

I love it. What a wonderful vintage picture.

JamaGenie said...

It's actually a souvenir postcard from around 1910. While trying to verify the hotel was indeed the Brown Palace, I came across several similar to it of groups about to leave on a Denver Omnibus & Cab tour from the Brown.

Marie Reed said...

I bet they painted the town red too!

I haven't tweeted in ages!!!! I just did though:) I also tweet at ItsNapoleon .... I tweet Bonaparte's letters and speeches:)

JamaGenie said...

Riding around in that contraption (an "omnibus", whatever that meant) without seat belts must've been part of the thrill! I love how the ladies tied their hats on too!

I couldn't get into tweeting the first time around, but have decided to give it another try. A friend says I'll love it once I figure out how it works. Not holding my breath!

dustjacket attic said...

Hi, thank you so much for stopping at my place. Cool profile pic too!

I'll be back to have a good read shortly. :)

Marie Reed said...

hehehe! I liked tweeting for about 2 weeks:) It's was al downhill from there!

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Jama Genie and thank you so much for visiting my cottage, joining my followers and for all the lovely comments you left. I too stopped by your place; you have a fascinating blog with interesting posts and lovely photos. I have signed on as a follower and will place a link on my blog to yours. Well, I see we are both Diana fans (who isn’t?) I adored her from day one and was devastated when she passed on so soon. You are correct she will be missed but never forgotten. So sad that Charles didn’t see in her what the rest of the world did. I love England and everything British however, I am sorry to say I don’t care for Charles and can’t stand the Rottweiler. I too have a bookcase full of Diana books…My office is full of her photos and her plates adorn my office walls. I visited Althorp about 8 years ago and met Earl Spencer. He was charming and agreed to a photograph and signed Diana’s Eulogy book for me. I am so glad you stopped by my cottage; I feel I have found a new good friend. Please stop by often as I will too.
Talk to you soon