Sunday, June 28

Nuptials Sunday: Howard and Selma Ward

If ever a wedding gown was designed to give absolutely no hint of the treasures in store for the groom on the wedding night, this is it....

Miss Selma Theresa Johnson
Mr. Howard Ward
January 10, 1906
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Assaria, Saline County, Kansas

Selma was a daughter of Nels Johnson and Stina Cajsa (Christina Catherine) Sundholm, all natives of Sweden. Stina had come to America in August 1865 with her parents and several sisters, one of whom was my great-grandmother, Charlotta Sundholm, mother of Emma Charlott Nygren.

Stina met Nels Johnson in Chicago, where they were married 19 March 1867. The first five of eleven children were born there, but only the fifth, Hilda, survived toddlerhood. The others were born in Kansas, and five of those survived to adulthood.

Selma Theresa was #10. She and Howard Ward would have four children, three of whom you met on Friday: Beatrice, Ruby and Howard, Jr (aka "Howdy"...go figure).

If you know of a wedding-ish word that begins with "s", please let me know. Until then, we're stuck with Nuptials Sunday.

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Marie Reed said...

How neat to see the parents of Ruby, Beatrice, and Howdy! Boy she sure does look grumpy... even a bit Zombie- ish! I think Nuptial Sunday sounds just dandy.... Spousal Sunday sound wierd and Ceremony Sunday has the same sound but doesn't specifically mean weddings I suppose!

JamaGenie said...

Marie, I replied to this on Sunday, but it must've gotten lost in cyberspace! Very weird...

Selma does look "grumpy"! Could be a headache from that elaborate headdress and the long veil attached to it.

At any rate, I'm leaning toward "I Thee Wed" on Sundays instead of "Nuptial Sunday".

Duchess of Tea said...

I have to agree about the wedding gown..interesting post!!