Tuesday, July 28

Tombstone Tuesday: Burial Clubs in the UK

I seem to be fresh out of interesting tombstones this week, so I'm sending you to If You Like A Lot of Brassware On Your Coffin, Join Our Club!, an informative but thoroughly entertaining article by Chris Hale of The Middenshire Chronicles about the burial clubs once common in the UK and how Brits mourned their dead. Enjoy!

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sounds intriquing!
simply have to check the link...


Dustjacket Attic said...

I love the name of that, funny.


chris hale said...


Thank you so much for this; you are most kind!

I shall drop in on you from time to time, if you don't mind.

Nora Johnson said...

Well, how very interesting!!
Needs investigating further...!


Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Jama darling, you’ve been quiet lately, I miss you Luv. Well this is very interesting indeed, for your information, I refuse to purchase “Peace of Mind” and don’t really care for the DVD, as for sherry, I am not old but let me tell you, at times in the evening, I love to sit down and have a glass (don’t tell my tea-followers)

Duchess xx

LondonGirl said...

What a wonderful link! The terror and shame of a "pauper's funeral" is something older people still talk about today.