Friday, June 12

Postcard Friendship Friday: Owen and Howard

George O. "Owen" and Howard Perry MORRIS

Aren't they handsome?

You met their sisters Edith and baby Hazel in a PFF two weeks ago.

This studio postcard was taken in the last week of June 1913, or early July, probably in Lemoore, Calif. Howard, on the right, is wearing a tie that looks to be stars and stripes, no doubt in commemoration of the 4th of July.

On the back of the card, their mother Josie (Cupp) Morris tells her sister in Kansas (my grandmother) that husband Sam's nephew Robert Earl Morris had welcomed an 8-lb son named Rex (Rex Allen Morris, born in May 1913).

Josie also relays that John KERBY (a cousin on the Cupp side) "is married now", a wedding that occurred on June 23rd.

Owen and Howard, a year or two earlier

On the back of this one, Josie tells my grandmother that "this is the house we lived in last winter", indicating the photo was taken several months before it was sent. The bicycles may've been gifts from Santa that year.

I can't help but chuckle at Owen's indifferent pose in both photos. Owen (b. 27 May 1901) was three years younger than Howard (b. 18 January 1898), so perhaps the indifference was his way of seeming "older".

Howard married Miss Mary Mae Maschmeyer in December 1918. They were married for 44 years and had two children, Bernice and Roland. Owen also married a Mary, a widow with five children, but they had no children together.

At some point both couples moved to nearby Hanford, Calif, where Owen was employed at Hanford Moving and Storage for over 25 years. All are buried at Hanford Cemetery.

Postcard Friendship Friday


Sheila said...

They certainly are handsome brothers. I think Owen was like I am, hating to have his picture taken.

Bob of Holland said...

Each friday I feel more attached to your family history. I didn't think the boys were handsome, but the idea that both brothers would marry a Mary and they would always would stay near to each other made it a touching post. Another one. Thanks again for sharing.

JamaGenie said...

Sheila, I kinda think that too. You can't see it here, but in an enlargement, it looks like Owen had a lazy left eye. So maybe he hated to have his picture taken for that reason.

Bob, isn't wild that brothers would marry Marys? (Say *that* 10 times!) It was quite confusing not only to the family back in KS. but going through letters from both Marys after my mother died, it was hard to keep straight who wrote them. Both had Hanford addresses of course, and they didn't always put a last name on the return address (if the envelope was with the letter). At least Josie would refer to them as "Howard's Mary" and "Owen's Mary" in her letters!

Daryl said...

Great post ... wonderful family history you have here

MuseSwings said...

Wonderful post! What great family treasures.
Two of my dad's brothers married Margarets. They already had a sister named Margaret. The three Aunts of mine were called Marge, Marc and Peggy so I was never confused about who married which Margaret.

Marie Reed said...

I feel the same way! I feel more and more attached to your family through each post... It's exciting to have your family history unfolding in front of my eyes! It's a joy to read:) I think that Howard looks gentle and sweet.. Owen is really saying 'get me outta here' in each shot:) You're right! *grin* And of course who couldn't swoon over those pants!

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing your family history and such great pics. OWen & Howard are very handsome!

Terry said...

Happy PFF .
Hey can I be adopted by your ancestor's :)
I really do love each new post .
I find it so hard to believe but each one seems better than the last one.
I love the fact that you are sharing these wonderful cards and so much amazing information.
It is a joy each Friday to swing by and read the latest.
Blessings of joy to you and yours.
Thank you .

Mandala Michelle said...

Reading your posts makes me understand why some people enjoy geneology so much. Thanks for taking the time to give us all this great info and beautiful pics.

Postcardy said...

Great pictures. I bet Owen didn't like having his picture taken.

Kirby3131 said...

June 23rd is my wedding anniversary, too - what a great day! lol

I am enjoying these family photos quite a bit and the messages are the back are indeed priceless.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Hello there!
I also take part in Postcard Fridays but I actually just found you through this week's featured blogs over at Geneabloggers.
I am Evelyn over at A Canadian Family(home of A Festival of Postcards) and I'd like welcome you to the Geneabloggers fold!
Evelyn in Montreal

JamaGenie said...

To all of you who enjoy meeting my family, you're welcome! But most of the people in the photos were strangers to me until a few years ago. Never talked about at gatherings at my grandmother's, her motto being "They're dead - why would anybody want to know about dead people?". So no one else talked about them either. Very weird.

Evelyn, I've been to your "A Canadian Family", but hate to say not recently. I'll be sure to correct that! It's a *wonderful* site!

Jean B. Duncan said...

I enjoyed seeing these wonderful images. So nice to see how you have "paired them up." Great knickers! (Just made my husband a pair for our Midsommar festival!)

JamaGenie said...

Jean, it seemed natural to pair up the pics. Oh, dear - it is almost Summer Solstice. Where has the year gone!

Robin said...

I love these old studio postcards.
What a treasure.....
Thank you for sharing them and the wonderful background as well.

Hope your weekend has been beautiful.

JamaGenie said...

Robin, a great weekend to you too!

pinky said...

Only recently saw this blog. MaryMae Maschmeyer Morris as my grandfathers sister. It is nice to see her name is remember by someone. She as a veryseet lady who I still miss after all these years.

JamaGenie said...

pinky, what an absolute thrill to "meet" you! I have several letters from Mary to my mother. The "California branch" was quite good about keeping the "Kansas branch" up to date. Which brother was your grandfather, George or Joseph?

Mary and Howard's children, Bernice and Roland (or "R.H."), have always been something of a mystery. Do you know anything about them? Perhaps we could continue this by email? I'm jamagenie (at) gmail (dot) com.