Friday, June 26

Postcard Friendship Friday: Beatrice Ward

We can only guess how she got that hair so high...
Beatrice Irene WARD
Yoder Studio, Hoisington KS

This studio portrait has been in my "Swedish Side...but who?" file for years. Only after I promised a reader a photo of really big hair for this week's PFF was I finally able to ID the woman under it as my dad's second cousin Beatrice.

Until now, I'd never noticed Ms. Big Hair's resemblance to the young lady in the center of the photo below.

Ruby, Beatrice, and Howard Ward, Jr.
Grondal Studio, Lindsborg KS

These three were children of my Grandma Emma's cousin, Selma Theresa (nee Johnson) and Howard William Ward, Sr.

Beatrice, born in 1906, was the oldest, followed by Ruby two years later, and little Howard two years after that. All were born in Saline County, KS, just over the county line from Lindsborg, McPherson Co. One more sibling, Kenneth, would arrive in 1913.

The photo is prophetic in that Beatrice did became a teacher. She was possibly teaching in Hoisington when the top photo was made around 1930.

But what a fancy dress for a teacher!

Beatrice didn't marry until 1960, at age 53 or 54, to Oliver BURNS, a man almost 20 years her junior. She died in Lapeer or Wayne Co, Michigan in 1993. Oliver died in Detroit in 2000.

Ruby married Wendall Chase, and they farmed near Abilene, KS.

I remember visiting the Chases as a child, but if Ruby had photos of her sister on display, I don't recall. How many kids pay attention to photographs when there's a tire swing outside? But I do recall slices of the summer's first peaches swimming in thick, fresh cream. Heaven!

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Marie Reed's Postcard Friendship Friday


Marie Reed said...

Tire swings and summers first peaches swimming in cream... That is truly divine! What a writer you are! I am amazed by that hair and that gorgeous lace dress! What a saucy cradle robbing minx *grin* too.. 20 years younger!
Because of your amazing posts I called my grandmother and have been blasting her with questions:) I'm having such a good time learning more about my roots! I truly thank you for the inspiration:)

JamaGenie said...

You're most welcome! If my posts made you curious about your roots, I'm totally thrilled! Climbing a family tree can be a great adventure, and a lot of fun too. If you get stuck, just let me know (by email). Always happy to help!

Debby said...

Another wonderful post and the pics are fab! So much fun to read the family history. Love the look of your blog, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, lucky Beatrice lol!


Terry said...

Howdy Jama
Happy PFF to you .
What a fantastic find.
Oh how I love those memories of tire swings and summers first peaches with homemade ice cream.
Of course back in the day we had a hand crank ice cream maker.
I remember taking turns sitting on the top of it on a stack of folded towels in the hot summers .
Thank you for sharing your rich family history today.
Happy Trails

Postcardy said...

I wonder if she was trying to look old-fashioned because the styles in that picture look a lot older than 1930.

JamaGenie said...

Postcardy, you might be right that Beatrice was trying to look old-fashioned. Hmmmm...

Howdy, Terry! Hand-cranked ice cream makers. Oh my...(she says, sighing wistfully). I never got stuck on cranking duty - girls weak "too weak" for such things (lol!), but I still prefer hand-cranked ice cream over electric. Something about the longer cranking time made it taste better somehow. Ah, those hot, muggy days of summers past!

JamaGenie said...

Debby, my pleasure! The "shabby" look was to be temporary, but it fits the "treasures from the attic" feel so well that I'm keeping it.

Car Boot Cassie - lol!