Tuesday, January 20

Obama DID NOT Flub The Oath....

Today at the swearing in, it appeared almost-president Barack Obama flubbed his lines when he was taking the oath of office. "Of" being the key word here. I found it odd that a man who can deliver 20-minute speeches flawlessly would falter on something as simple as a short oath. An oath he must've practiced many times since the election.

Only in a re-run on C-SPAN did I catch that Chief Justice Roberts had flubbed his lines when he said, and Obama was supposed to repeat, "office TO the president". "Faithfully" was also inserted at a different place by Roberts.

Now, our new president was for many years a professor of Constitutional Law who'd know as well as the Chief Justice that's it's "office OF the president". By halting after "execute", he forced Roberts to repeat the rest...correctly this time. A careful listener could even hear Roberts chuckle to himself at this gaffe while possibly thinking, "Nothing gets by this guy...".

Well, nothing except that at the first three inaugural balls, his bow tie was askew, but I didn't stay up to see if it ever got straightened. Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. Have a great day!


Midwest Mom said...

Did you hear that President Obama had Justice Roberts come *back* last evening to re-administer the Oath? Reporters were invited and everything, so there would be no question that it was official and legitimate.

You're right: nothing gets by this guy. ;D


JamaGenie said...

I heard that! Obama is such a welcome change after you-know-who, and I'm sure our new prez enjoyed making Roberts squirm a second time.