Tuesday, July 5

A Facelift for Sat's Child!

No, not me. (I wish...) The blog! You wouldn't think Central Oklahoma
would be "wine country", but there are actually quite a few good
(great?) wineries in this part of the country. I haven't sampled
their wares yet, but it's on my "someday soon" list. Honest.

Really though, I chose the grapes theme because, thanks to our current
drought, it looks nothing like the parched landscape outside my door.
Rain? What's that? Been so long since we had any I can't remember.
The good news is the humidity is low here, which makes the 100+
temps much more tolerable than 100+ in northeast Kansas.

Anyway, hope you like the new look!
(Yes, the baby is moi at about 6 months.)

Have a great day!
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Nancy said...

Yes, your green and grapes are lovely. We are still lush where I am but we never know what August will bring. I hope you have air conditioning with that heat. Cute baby you were.

JamaGenie said...

Nancy, thanks for stopping by! As of 2:00 this afternoon it's 109 here, ten degrees above the predicted high. And yes, I have AC - don't know how early settlers survived such heat without it. (Many didn't, of course.)

I'm told it usually isn't this hot until late July or mid-August. My flower beds would be toast if not for regular watering by the neighbor who adopted them, but he's decided the patches of brown grass in both our yards are a lost cause despite what I consider heroic efforts on his part!

Greta Koehl said...

109 - a number familiar to me from summers years ago in Texoma... And no picnic now here in humid Virginia. Those grapes do look awfully cool and inviting!

JamaGenie said...

Yes, Greta, I imagine temps of 109 were common during your summers in the Panhandle. The two times I drove through it (and Texhoma), I marveled that people could live in such a place. But then, as you said, summer in Virginia is no picnic either. Perhaps a tropical island? ;D