Tuesday, March 23

Tumstone Tuhsday: Say what?

What better place than Tombstone Tuesday to announce the passing of the proper pronunciation of a word?

Specifically the word "to", which until a couple of years ago most people pronounced exactly like "tue" in Tuesday, but now "tuh", like in Tums.

Rather odd considering Tuesday has a "u" but "to" does not.

Yes, it's a little thing.

"Little" in the same way that listening to a wonderful symphony is ruined by a note played off-key. It interrupts one's enjoyment like fingernails on a blackboard. Trained musicians should know better.

The "trained musicians" in this case are newscasters, commentators, and other on-air personalities. Actors and actresses. Public officials and politicians. Our otherwise-articulate president. Even teachers. (Yes, teachers!)

All supposedly "educated" people who've caught the "tuh" bug.

Maybe you haven't even noticed on hearing:
  • We're going tuh the mall...tuh the weather/sports...tuh the movies.
  • We went tuh church...tuh dinner...tuh meet with constituents.
Granted, language usage never stops evolving, so now that "to" has inexplicably evolved into "tuh", it seems only fitting that the discarded pronunciation should have a tombstone.

Or should that be "tumstone"?

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pinkpackrat said...

tuh heck with it all-- I love this post:-)

Maddie Grigg said...

What happens in the States hits us a few years later. But will be one tuh too many. (Or should that be one tuh tuh many?)

Nora Johnson said...

tuh heck with everything ~ except the Divine Daniel (and maybe Gorgeous George too)!!


JamaGenie said...

Maddie, in either case, there's no stopping it.

LOLA (and Nora), snuggling up tuh the Divine Daniel *or* Gorgeous George sounds like a heavenly way tuh go! xxx

Katie said...

Too funny! Great post :)

Vicki Lane said...

Good post-- I really enjoy the regional differences in pronunciation and hope that they will endure. (I'd say I was 'goin' t' the mall' -- except that I never do.)

ASeaRogue said...

Language is to be understood by the people. The idea for any broadcaster , and I am one, and the goal is to communicate to a vast audience. If I were to say Tuh, instead of to chances are very good that many would think I needed to see my dentist. Equally if it still came close to sound like the word they expected to hear in the sentence, most people would either not notice or forget it by the next sentence.