Friday, March 26

Follow Friday: ABT UNK

The lovely image at left is known as an Oblaten or Lackbilder, and is only one of several scraps or die-cuts pasted into Gertrude Cramer Pape's Stammbuch, German for "book of friends" (known as an autograph book in America).

Zur Erinnerung translates to "For Remembrance".

Gertrude Cramer Pape was Amanda Pape's great-grandmother. Amanda tells us more about her in this post at her blog called ABT UNK.

ABT and UNK, of course, are the two abbreviations that family historians hate to see.

The first refers to an approximate (guesstimated) date that can be years off the correct one. The second means the original researcher didn't dig deep enough. Or worse, they did and learned no records exist about that person or event, if there ever were any.

Luckily, Amanda does know a lot about her and her husband's ancestors, and introduces us to his mother and three of her sisters [right] in (Not So) Wordless Wednesday: The Moore Sisters circa 1930.

Amanda's mother-in-law is at the far left.

In (Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Ivis Moore Mew, we meet a fifth sister, a nurse.

There are lots more goodies at ABT UNK, so do stop by, poke around, and perhaps become a Follower.

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Amanda (the librarian) said...

WOW! Thanks for the shout-out, Jama! What a day-brightener!


JamaGenie said...

You're most welcome, Amanda! Your blog is great!