Tuesday, November 24

Tea For Twosday

Mix 'n' match for a chilly day.

Believe it or not, the silver tray just had its annual polishing.
It's a royal pain to keep shiny, the handles especially.

I thought the teapot was sort of "autumn-ish".
No maker mark, only "Made in Brazil" and "hand-painted".

The bottom of the cream pitcher is blank;
but the sugar bowl is Pfaltzgraff.

The teacups are Wedgewood's Patrician pattern, circa 1960s,
from a set of six that I've had for a couple of decades.
Never had saucers; we only used them for eggnog at Christmas.

They're sitting on a Wedgewood saucer and a bread-butter
plate I was thrilled to find recently in a thrift shop.
I don't care they're the Hedge Rose pattern - it's enough
to have anything Wedgewood to put under the cups!

Below is the maker's mark on the saucer, which
denotes it was made in July, 1966. The bread
and butter plate was made in November, 1964.

Which one doesn't belong?

Here you can see the Wedgewood cups aren't white, but creme.
Never noticed this until I got the saucer and B&B plate!

But mainly I just wanted to show off a new tea table...

On the way to my son's Sunday to have the car winterized,
I thought my eyes were deceiving me. A yard sale on Sunday?
Yep, and being a nice day, it was drawing quite a crowd!

Actually, the table will be my laptop desk, and the treadle
sewing machine base with the laminated top that's been a
sturdy computer desk for several generations of desktops
can finally be used for...sewing. What a concept.

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Happy Tea Time!

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Vicki said...

All of your tea things are very pretty! I like to mix and match, too. I think it makes things more interesting. You found a real treasure with that lovely table! Vicki

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi there,
You found a very nice table. Your little cups would be just great for eggnog and your silver tray looks very much like the one I have. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...
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pinkpackrat said...

Love that table and can't believe it was a yard sale find-- what luck. All that and tea too-- what more could a girl want!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

What a cute teapot, fun shape to it. The tea table was a wonderful find!

Shabby Kim said...

Great teapots you have there and that silver tray is fabulous. I really like the unusual shape of the first teapot. The teacups are very pretty too. Congrats on finding your new table as well.

hummer said...

Awesome find for a garage sale. I used to go to those. But the tea set is so speaking of gentler times of the past.
Thanks for the post.

Miriam said...

Congratulations! I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award here.