Tuesday, October 13

Tombstone Tuesday: Fall Colors

Sun is not a requirement for
spectacular photos of fall foliage!

On yet another unseasonably cold and dreary day in the Land of Oz,
I went looking for trees whose leaves were so colorful, so vivid,
that they wouldn't need the sun for illumination.

A few just happened to be at a cemetery I pass nearly every day.

From the main road, however, a passerby only sees this:

Ho hum....

But turn the corner or come from the other direction:

Only the leaves on the south side have turned!

The shape of this tree top caught my eye...

...as did the scene under it.

But farther along the road, a gigantic tree that hasn't turned...

...that I purposely left mono-chromatic and out of focus...

...and then intensified the color for effect.

Now, click on it and view full-size.

Looks rather like an Enchanted Forest, doesn't it?

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pinkpackrat said...

Wow --fabulous photos-- trees in full fall plumage and graveyards are a wonderful combination-- thanks for capturing and sharing:-)

staceyjwarner said...

absolutely beautiful...we are having a dreary day here in LA but it is much needed...the rain feels good and I am home with a sick kid who is currently napping...

much love

ellen abbott said...

Those last two pics are pretty amazing.


so sorry i've been away a few days - way too long when such beauty awaits one here! love this post - beautiful photos - have a wonderful day!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, just stopped by to see how you are doing. Longtime no visit...I missed you. I hope life is treating you marvelously.


Alina said...

Very poetic. Absolutely beautiful.