Thursday, October 1

PFF: Eden Grove Mystery

Eden Grove, Bolton, Westmorland, ENG
(facing east toward the Pennines)

This is the other circa-1910 postcard my great-grandparents brought back from their 1912 visit to present-day Cumbria, Northern England. The first at least told on the back that the "X" marks my grandfather's birthplace, but this one has no explanation.

A cousin and I seriously doubt Great-grandma Annie was born in the "X" building, as it appears to be a milking shed or blacksmith shop for the old Eden Grove Manor.

Close-up of "X" building

Censuses of Bolton show Annie's parents lived in North End, the "main street" of Bolton village, which would've been behind the photographer.

"X" here marks the approximate location of the camera;
the arrow marks the direction in which it was pointing.
North End is behind the camera's position.

Eden Grove has been a private school since 1955.

Alas, unlike my grandfather's birthplace at the Railway Cottage in nearby Long Marton, we may never learn the significance of the "X" on the Eden Grove postcard.

Happy PFF!

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I love the way you've included the extra visuals in your post - very effective.
Evelyn in Montreal

Postcardy said...

Too bad they didn't explain the X.

JamaGenie said...

Evelyn - it's the detective in me I guess! Or maybe from watching too many CSIs... ;D

Postcardy - We probably should be glad they explained it on the other postcard. Most likely it was where Annie's father or a brother worked at Eden Grove, but we'd like to know for sure!

viridian said...

I too was thinking of where someone worked. Great detective work - including the maps. I love the detailed maps of England - I forget the series name - that have the topographic lines and the trails, and the cairns and standing stones marked.

JamaGenie said...

You're thinking of Ordnance Survey, or maybe Landranger maps. Walkers use one or the other - can't remember which. Reasonably sure the Bolton map above is an OS, but don't quote me. ;D

BeachILike said...

You are full of informatiion! Very impressive.

My Bangkok Through My Eyes!
You got a Posty: I want to

give 15 postcards :)

Robin said...

A shame you may never know the answer but they are great postcards none the less.

Have a beautiful weekend

Christine Heycke said...

Great detective work. I am so very curious about that x. What a lovely setting.

Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderful detective you are! Happy PFF!

Chris Overstreet said...

People have been born in stranger places than this, so I wouldn't necessarily discount this place for Great Grandma.

maryt/theteach said...

I do indeed love a mystery! My grandparents were born in Ireland - I have to get my cousin who still lives there to send a photo of their homes there... :)