Wednesday, September 23

Wordless Wednesday: OOOOOOPS!

As a 'copter flew toward the atrium of
the public library, I grabbed the camera.

Not to worry, it didn't nose-dive into the atrium.
A minute or so later, this LifeStar flight landed safely
on the heliport of the hospital across the street.
Just a reminder that photos do lie.

[MidsomerMeg suggested the 'copter was making an emergency
book delivery. Good one, Meg! Wish I'd thought of it!]

Happy Hump Day!

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willow said...

Great shots! :)

staceyjwarner said...

Glad to know it all went smoothly!

MidsomerMeg said...

Magnificent trick of the eye. But I'd rather believe there are libraries out there who need fresh infusions of books double-quick!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, what a splendid idea to replace Tombstone Tuesdays with Tea Things Tuesday at times. I will enjoy this group much more with you participating.

Love & Hugs

JamaGenie said...

MidsomerMeg - Drats! Wish I'd thought of the emergency delivery angle!

pinkpackrat said...

wonderful photos-- love it