Tuesday, August 18

Tombstone Tuesday: Local Legends

Council Bluffs' Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial
(photo by Larry Lehmer)

I've been a fan of Larry Lehmer's Passing It On blog for some time. In
She’s an angel, sure, but be careful with those eyes, he tells us:
"The folks at Loch Ness have their monster, western Washington has its Sasquatch and Roswell, New Mexico, has its aliens. Your community probably has its own local legend. For those of us growing up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, it was the Black Angel."
Its official name is the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial,
and Larry goes on to tell how the statue got its nickname.

There's more about the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial as well as Iowa's other Black Angel (in Iowa City) in Iowa’s Mysterious Black Angels, part of Troy Taylor's Ghosts of the Prairie.

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Cal said...

What fascinating stories Jama, particularly the one about Ruth Dodge. xx

willow said...

She's hauntingly beautiful. Now I'm off to find out more...

Italo said...

Thank you for this interesting blog. That's why I'm reading blogs. To learn more and more and more :) ciao.

LondonGirl said...

I really enjoyed this tale - thanks!

Lemondrop Marie said...

wow. Interesting story! I enjoyed hearing about the black angel, she's lovely even if she's an urban legend.