Friday, August 14

Postcard Friendship Friday: Fairy Tales and Hot Air

On the way to pick up Cranky Computer's
replacement - yay! - I detoured a block to snap this:

This fairy tale cottage is a much-photographed local landmark.
I have no idea when it was built or who the whimsical souls
were who turned an ordinary two-story home into
something straight out of the Enchanted Forest.

No, I've never been inside...
It's enough to drive by now and then and sigh...

~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~
A local radio station was doing a promotion one evening...

...near the restaurant where a friend and I were going to have dinner.
The DJ was announcing "Free balloon rides!", but as you can see,
the balloon was tethered to the ground on rather sort ropes,
so I'm not sure "ride" was accurate. More like a bounce.

Happy PFF!

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Postcard Friendship Friday is the
brainchild of the delightful Marie Reed!


pinkpackrat said...

Love that house-- have to wonder about the taste of the folks who built it-- wonderfully whimsical. "Toto I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" :-)

Laura said...

You have such a lovely blog sweetie. So glad to have found you! Come stop by when you have a chance so we can trade secrets....

Sheila said...

The house looks exactly as I imagine it would in Hansel and Gretel - made out of gingerbread! I can't quite see the detail of the roof - is it thatched?

A tethered balloon ride is probably the only one I'd ever take!

JamaGenie said...

Welcome, Laura! Thank you for the compliment, and I *will* stop by for that secret-trading!

Sheila, no the roof isn't thatched, but certainly is intended to look like as if it is!