Thursday, July 16

Thursday Drive: Cottonwood Falls

Nestled in the Flint Hills 3 miles south of Strong City on Highway 177, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, is most famous for the Chase County Courthouse. Finished on 8th October 1873, residents called the French Renaissance Chateau-style building a "fairy tale castle".

And rightfully so, as you can see.

Built totally of the magnesium limestone abundant in Chase County, it's an architectural wonder as well the oldest continually-used courthouse in Kansas. Inside is a staircase carved from walnut also native to the area that spirals from the first floor all the way to the third. Ceilings are embossed tin. Unfortunately, the clock tower is a frequent target of lightning, causing time to "stop".

"Cottonwood" is also famous for the Emma Chase Cafe.

Find out what's happening at "the Emma" and next door at Prairie Maid, an ice cream parlor and gift shop.

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Duchess of Tea said...

What a majestic building and darling I would love to have one of those burgers, corn fries and a slice of pie.. yum yum
Have a bright lovely day
Duchess xx

Dustjacket attic said...

That building is gorgeous, I just love the cafe clip, yummy I want a burger and pie NOW!

JamaGenie said...

The corn fries got *my* attention! Can be eaten for breakfast with syrup *or* for dinner with salsa? I have to find out, so a road trip to CW is definitely in order. Will have to check out those pies too! :)