Saturday, July 4

Flea Market Saturday: Happy #233, America!

It might seem unpatriotic to start off with an Australian blog today.
But America is a melting pot of cultures, so I don't feel the least bit guilty opening with Dust Jacket Attic. The banner says 'It's a little of me and a lot of what I love' - and what its authoress loves is beautiful things. A veritable feast for the eyes!

Nor do I feel at all "unpatriotic" pointing you to Somerset, England and Suzy's Vintage Attic. My earliest known ancestor was born in Somerset, but sailed away to Marblehead, Massachusetts a full 141 years before the thirteen colonies declared independence from the crown. Suzy, btw, was the aunt of Isabelle, whose trip to the Isle of Wight brings back many fond memories of my own visit there several years ago. On a clear day, you can see France from Carisbrooke Castle.

Not all the way to Provence, of course. Brit ex-pats Paolo and Wife (as she's known in their profile) do a fabulous job of showing us around that part of France in A Provence Diary and The Luberon in Provence.

Hop back across the Channel to England and Rose Tea Cottage, where Afternoon Tea is always served at half past four, but all manner of British tidbits are served up throughout the day.

Duchess of Tea has made this blog as enchanting as its banner. I'll definitely be trying the Duchess of Devonshire Egg & Cucumber Sandwich recipe. Scrumptious!

Benjamin Franklin's home in London is another must-see. The Founding Father lived there from 1757 to 1775, and the house that is only a few steps from Trafalgar Square has been painstakingly restored.

Enough with the Channel hopping and over to this side of the Pond for the story of how Robert Patterson stumped his friend Thomas Jefferson.

But it wouldn't be the 4th of July without red, white and blue, so without further ado I give you Frieda Babbley's Eye On Life.

Have a happy and safe 4th!
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dustjacket attic said...

Oh you are such a sweetheart, really!

I read some of those blogs listed, but I will check the others out asap!

Thank you so much for including me, I'm very honored!


Duchess of Tea said...

You are hilarious, kind and very unique. Hilarious because 45 minutes later I am still laughing at what you said about Floradora’s relative!! Kind for writing such a beautiful post about my cottage and unique well that is obvious all one has to do is read your posts and view your lovely photos. I am so glad we have met through blogland; truthfully you have taken my blogging inspiration to another new level.

Thank you Jama

Frieda Babbley said...

Thanks Jama. I'm checking all of them out. I love the shoes photo from dustjacket attic, I think I'm going to love that blog. And Duchess of Tea! I'm there too. Love the recipe.

Nora Johnson said...

What wonderful trip around the blogosphere (and terrific blogs) in one post! It brought back so many good memories for me since I was brought up in the UK (opposite the IOW) and moved to California for a number of years before settling here in Andalucia!

Will be back again soon to catch up with earlier posts!

Have a wonderful July 4th!


Melissa said...

It's so nice to meet you.

Your blog is exquisite. I must add you to my list of favorites, and Happy Belated 4th of July to you.


JamaGenie said...

Thanks, Melissa - my pleasure! Hope your 4th was great too.

Marie Reed said...

Oooooh! I'll hop right over:) Fabulous!