Saturday, June 20

Flea Market Saturday #1

Much as I enjoy showcasing tombstones and old family photos and the stories behind them, even I need a break from the Dearly Departed.

Saturday traditionally being the day for garage/yard/tag/boot/jumble sales, I'm launching Flea Market Saturday. Anything that catches my eye while wandering around the cyber flea market known as the Internet will appear here.

To kick off the first Flea Market Saturday, I'm temporarily changing the background to "Flea Market Flowers" from Shabby Blogs. If you're looking for an unusual background for your own blog, be sure to look there.

I found Shabby Blogs after admiring the background at Elizabeth D's French Village Life. Elizabeth is a Brit who retired from teaching in the UK to move to Brittany with her husband. Interesting insights into life in a different culture.

Floss at Troc, Broc and Recup' is celebrating her 40th birthday this weekend, and has invited everyone to a (cyber) Garden Party.

Floss is a Brit now living in France who likes to poke around in charity (thrift) shops. After you've wished her a Happy 40th, stick around and read her review of charity shops in Edinburgh, and then back home in France. She's snagged some interesting (and in some cases, valuable) items.

But it was Sue at Vintage to Victorian who really gave me the idea for Flea Market Saturday by reminding us of this weekend's Giant Flea at Shepton Mallet (Bath & West Showground). Sue lives in Somerset but runs a shop in Dorset called the Dairy House, partly stocked from weekend trips to flea markets. Oh, and I love her banner!

In case you're thinking I'm ignoring American blogs, do have a look at Laura's 52 FLEA. She believes in displaying all of her flea market finds!

Hope you're having a great weekend, and Happy Midsummer!
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pinkpackrat said...

love flea markets-- real and cyber and definitely love the idea of Flea Market Saturday at Saturdays Child. I'll be checking back :-)

JamaGenie said...

Great! Glad you like it!

Vintage to Victorian said...

How lovely to have such a super mention. Thank you so much. Glad you like the blog banner (made FOR me not By me I have to say!), but it is now my trade mark! I'll endeavour to post some photos although I rarely have time to think about taking pics at the Flea. Will see what I can do this time.

Thanks for stopping by to post comments, and I'll pop back later to read some more of your posts. I love what you're doing with the tombstone research. I have done a lot of family research over the years but as you can probably imagine, I don't have much time to carry on that hobby at the moment.

Best wishes
Sue x

Postcardy said...

Here is something interesting I found today:

Maria Berg said...

I love going to flea markets you never know what you will find, MB

JamaGenie said...

Thanks, Postcardy, for the link to the Graphics Fairy. I found lots of interesting things there!

Sue, I'm looking forward to hearing about the Flea at Shepton Mallet.

Maria, I love flea markets and the internet for that very reason. Never know what you'll find.