Tuesday, May 26

Cutest Blog On The Block

No, not Saturday's Child! My ego isn't that big!

But I have been wanting to jazz things up a bit...tastefully. With that in mind, I nearly went cross-eyed looking at blog templates and layouts, most of which left me underwhelmed. Those that didn't weren't exactly what I was looking for. Too many bells and whistles, or not enough.

Then the other day I was surfing genealogy blogs and clicked into one that had a background I absolutely had to have for Sat's Child!

"Ella" (at left) wouldn't quite work either, but I loved the look of the faint, handwritten letter in the center.

"Ella" (which looks quite old and antique-ish) came from a site called The Cutest Blog On The Block.

TCBOTB is now my new favorite blog tool site because it has dozens of gorgeous blog backgrounds that are FREE!

And you know how I love free...

But that's not the best part! (There's something better than free?...)

Well, besides fabulous backgrounds, they have instructions for installing them that even a techno-dummy like me can follow without crashing the hard drive.

There's also a section of blogging secrets and how-tos. The "SC" thingie next to the blog titles here? Learned to do that at TCBOTB. Pretty cool, huh, for a first timer.

The "Proud To Be An American" background (left) that was here over Memorial Day Weekend came from TCBOTB. There's one more patriotic I'll use for 4th of July.

The thing about "Cutest Blog" is they make it soooo easy to change the look of a blog. You can dress it "up" or dress it "down" as easily as you change clothes to fit your mood or the occasion.

So I went with the girly-girl "Sassy Dots".

But alas, the dots caused vision problems for at least one reader.

So now I'm back with "Ella" - but a much wider version that seems to make the handwriting in center less noticeable.

This could be addictive...

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