Tuesday, April 14

Creeped Out In Broad Daylight!

I'm not one of those thrill freaks who only visit cemeteries after dark hoping to see...whatever.

No way!

And until the photo below was taken, I had no problem wandering around a place full of dead people in broad daylight.

Thi is Rochester Cemetery shortly after 5:00 in the afternoon, looking south toward Topeka. As you can plainly see, it's a sunny day, not the least bit overcast or stormy.

"So what?", you ask.

Well, the photo doesn't show that at that point, moi is the only live human in the entire cemetery.

I don't usually come so late in the day, so I'm used to seeing groundsmen darting about doing whatever graveyard groundsmen do. Or waving as they drive by.

But today when they went by, it didn't register that they were on their way to clock out and and leave. Or that the lady in the office was about to leave too.

You know that feeling when it suddenly dawns that you're alone? Well, that's what happened when I looked up from snapping pics of the Reader and Campdoras families and realized the office was closed and every single Rochester employee had left.


Can't say why it felt "creepy". It just did.

No reason to panic, I told myself. It's broad daylight...yada, yada, yada...blah, blah, blah.

All those 'You're a big girl' speeches.

I stuck around for another ten minutes or so, all the while telling myself I wasn't creeped out.

I lied.

Good thing you didn't see me going back to my car, because you would've been thinking 'That's one scared chick'.

You betcha.

I joke in A Ghostly Playground? that spirits come out to play when we aren't around, but now I'm sure they come out as soon as the cemetery's employees leave for the day.

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