Thursday, April 23

Thursday Drive: The Long and Windy Walk

I have a love-hate relationship with the Kansas State Historical Society's Research Center on the west side of Topeka KS.

I love it because it's in a beautiful building, it's user friendly, the staff are always friendly and helpful, and most days, I can easily find want I want quickly.

Now for the Hate, Part One.

To get to this wonderful repository of things I never know I need until I need them, I (and anyone else who visits KSHS) have to risk life and limb getting around the most useless roundabout ever built.

Okay, not the most useless...there are others across town equally useless... but this happens to be the one I have no choice but to go around at least once a week. No other way to get to KSHS.

If one manages not to get creamed in the rounding, a rather pleasant drive follows, down into the KSHS grounds. This is where Hate, Part Two occurs.

The door of the Research Library is a, make that block from the parking lot. I kid you not. The pictures are right here.

Which in itself isn't a deal breaker...I need the exercise...but it's always windy.


Gale force, most days.

Due to the ever present wind during the Long Trek To The Door, I generally keep my head down.

Which is why I managed to walk past a 10.4-ton chunk of pinkish Sioux quartzite dozens...hundreds?...of times without noticing it until a lady in Madrid who saw the above mentioned photos inquired about it.

Oh, and there's a second huge chunk of quartzite at the entrance to the parking lot.


Missed that one for years too.


pinkpackrat said...

Love your take on the Kansas Historical Society and love those pix too. Gotta say though, that though I have only been there once, I found it a wonderful resource. The library is amazing and the staff really helpful-- which kind of makes getting to the door from the parking lot a bit easier:-)

JamaGenie said...

A tiny bit easier! I have nothing but praise for the staff and the resources - once I get there!