Tuesday, April 7

For Misplaced Londoners...

...a virtual visit to London. Enjoy!

We circle London and eventually land at Heathrow on a British Airways 747-400 from Los Angeles:

Mind The Gap!! (This one brings back a ton of memories!)

A drive across Westminster Bridge, around Parliament Square and up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square, with a local station on the radio.

Next a ride down Cromwell Road into Knightsbridge on an old Routemaster as seen through the driver's windscreen:

A cruise down the Thames perhaps?

Or maybe a stroll through Hampstead and Camden Town:

Last, we pop into Portobello Market:

Wasn't that fun?


Frieda Babbley said...

Fantastic! i haven't been in years! Too long. Now I have itchy feet.

pinkpackrat said...

Thanks for the virtual tour-- it was smashing. I hope Meg enjoys it too:-)

JamaGenie said...

Frieda, I have itchy feet too, but alas, Real Life keeps me from hopping over to London (or moving there). This was the next best thing. "YouTube, take me away!" if only for an hour or two.

You're welcome, PPR. There were soooo many videos to choose from that it was hard to pick only a few. I wanted to give it a "What a real Londoner sees" flavor rather than a ho-hum tourism brochure. I especially like the one with local London radio playing...weird commercials and all!

Meg said...

Jama, you are a peach! I can hardly wait for that day when you and I arrive in London - I by boat and train, you by plane - ;-) and make our way to a suite at Claridge's or Brown's before dinner at the Ivy. How wonderful it will be to "come home" again!

Scout's Honor said...

Ahhh, some day, some day. We missed college trips to Europe, CG and I, for some silly odd reason or other...Oh, yes, that's right, we got pregnant. heh! So we are still waiting to have the money, time, and a few less kids underfoot to go on a European vacation. In the meantime, I have much enjoyed your video tour. thanks for stopping by the blog, my friend. :)