Saturday, February 28

Country Roads, Take Me Away!

What a week! First, on Saturday I had a touch of the flu, followed by two days of excruciating pain from an attack of hiatal hernia, which I recently learned runs in the family. (How wonderful...) Tuesday I was finally fain-free, and as a reward of sorts, Mother Nature surprised us with unusually warm weather and sunny skies.

It was then that I began thinking of taking one of my much-loved drives in the country, but didn't dare because of the horrendous noise the car had been making for months. Bummer! I take after my dad (R.I.P) in that he loved to just get in the car and wander around the countryside with no particular destination in mind (which irritated my mother no end...). So not being able to "just get in the car and go" Tuesday seemed particularly cruel.

On Wednesday, the weather was even better and warmer. Double bummer! Then on Thursday, I had no choice but to get the car fixed, as related in the previous post. Naturally, now that the car was running like a top again, Friday dawned cold and yucky...and stayed that way. Definitely not a day to wander! Or today either. It snowed during the night, was still falling lightly when I got up, and continued to do so until about noon. The sun finally came out an hour or so ago, which supposedly signals the end of the cold front, but being Flyover Country, who knows?

At any rate, I remain optimistic that tomorrow or after work Monday, I'll get out of town and wander around in the countryside. Love ya, Dad.


Frieda Babbley said...

This reminds me of when we lived in Williamsburg. Dave only had one real day off and that was Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday was never a sunny day. Rain. Every time. Rest of the week, fine. Sunday, rain. For practically nine months straight. We always ended up at the library or the movies.

pinkpackrat said...

Maybe you'll go down to Burlingame and visit Sophia-- it's a nice drive:-)

JamaGenie said...

Frieda, you have my sympathies. Was that way where I lived once. Great weather during the week and rain on the weekends. Some weatherman's theory is that all the exhaust fumes from weekday traffic "seed" the clouds, resulting in downpours on Saturday and Sunday. My own theory is Mother Nature is a Big Tease! lol!

PPR, I almost *did* drive down to visit Sophia today. How did you know???? ;) Went to Rochester cemetery instead, just north of Topeka. Might make a hub out of the pics I took - too many for a post here.