Thursday, January 15

Somewhere It's Warm....

I hate winter! Well, not so much the season itself, but because it takes so blasted long to bundle up to go outside. Polar bears and penguins were meant to live in frigid climes, but not humans.

At some point each year the cold settles into my bones and I don't get truly warm again until mid-April. This happens every year, and today was the day.

When I left for work, it was one degree above zero. Brrrrrrr! In fact, it was so cold there were no dog walkers about when I went out to the car. Usually there are three, sometimes four. Not this morning. Couldn't help picturing Fidos all over the complex staring at bundled-up owners in disbelief.

Go outside?


Are you nuts?

Did I laugh later when the lady from Personnel reported this is exactly what her dogs did?

You betcha.

Who says humans are smarter than dogs?

Even the car whimpered for a split second when I turned the key. But it started, thank goodness. One never knows when the mercury hits zero. Oh right. One above. Big deal. In that range, degrees don't mean much. Well, except in Alaska, where +1 would be positively balmy right now. It's been -45 there for the past week.

Okay, maybe winter here isn't so bad after all.

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pinkpackrat said...

Br-r-r-r-r-r not quite that cold here, but almost!