Friday, January 9


You may've noticed there are no new posts here since New Years's Day. (If not, there have been no new posts here since January 1.)

This was due partly to lack of time after returning to work full-time after the holidays, but mostly to a glitch in Blogger or in both the browsers I use...I tend to favor the former, not the latter...that prevented me from accessing any member-only function in the Dashboard.

The solution, I discovered after many days of trying every suggestion in Blogger Help, is to sign in directly from www.blogger .com. To attempt from anywhere else...say, the bar at the top of any an exercise in futility and much frustration.

That said, it remains to be seen if the Blogger Gods allow this post to be published. But if they don't, how will you know...right? Well, keep your fingers crossed. Here I go. Clicking "Publish"....

UPDATE: It published! Yipppeee!! (Yes, I am too easily amused...) However, Blogger's "Customize" bar across the top of the blog is still not working. The links light up but nothing else happens when clicked. To add this update, I had to click in the address thingy, which brought up my profile page, where all the "Edit" links seem to work like they're supposed to. Hopefully Blogger's IT guys have noticed the many complaints posted on the Help Blog by others having the same issue, and are working furiously to fix it.

But at least I can stop stressing. Although the work-around is clunky, I can post and edit and customize again! YAY!


pinkpackrat said...

May the gods of the internet be praised--pour a libation:-)

JamaGenie said...

Yeah, what she said!