Tuesday, December 16

Saturday's Child - The Post

No wonder I look so forlorn in this snapshot!

A Saturday's child!

Works hard for a living!

Why, oh, why hadn't the doctor forced my arrival before midnight on Friday, or found a way to keep me in the oven until Sunday?

Barely six months old and my Fate was already sealed....by a nursery rhyme!

Or was it?

If not for foregoing Career-with-a-capital-C to have children, I'd be traveling the world as a professional photographer, or collecting and reporting human-interest stories a la Charles Kerault. Or looking for "important" archeological remains in some far-off country whose name I can't pronounce, only spell.

Granted, some jobs I've had were more labor-intensive than mental, but oddly those are the ones I look back on as "fun". It was the mentally-intensive positions that were "hard".

So the nursery rhyme didn't seal my fate after all, nor did it pre-ordain the future of several friends born on other days of the week.

If you don't know, or aren't sure, on what day of the week you were born, go to the University of Nevada's "Fun Stuff" and click on "Day Calculator".

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Amy said...

Oh, darn! I'm a Saturday's child too! It hasn't really sealed my fate either - though I often feel like I'm working my tail off for...peanuts...
Looking forward to reading more of your blog!