Friday, December 26

Happy Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day in the UK. In the 19th century, Dec. 26th was traditionally the day to gift servants with "boxes" of money - think year-end bonus - or items like fabric (for a new uniform - wow). Or the day servants were allowed to hold their own celebrations, since they had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to serve the Master and his guests. But one way or another, it was always the day to remember those less fortunate.

We have our own version of Boxing Day - boxing up the unwanted or ill-fitting gifts we received for Christmas to exchange for things we do want, or in the correct size. Millions with no items to return will flock to stores anyway, to take advantage of the huge markdowns at after-Christmas sales.

An article in today's New York Times suggests we could adopt the Brit concept of Boxing Day. Not by giving money to the less fortunate, but by devoting one's time to volunteering for a worthy cause.

Until I read that article, it never occurred that I'll be making like a Brit today - helping my friend Lisa rearrange her living room, as well as making a few minor repairs around her house.

Whether shopping or volunteering, Happy Boxing Day to all!

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